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I can trace my love for the written word back to early childhood, where I would greedily devour every book, newspaper, magazine, or printed page in my path, leaving half-baked poems and half-finished stories in my wake. I worshiped at the altar of my gods; the writers I revered. From Hemingway to Faulkner, Thompson to Asimov, Dostoevsky to Kafka.  Joining the ranks of the immortals was always the dream, in the meantime, a girl's gotta eat! I make my living writing, blogs, content, copy, articles, et, al. 

I can weave magic with my words, prepare to be spellbound.

Rough And Rowdy Ways, Bob Dylan's New Album

HOLLYWOOD—The word Bard, borrowed from Gaelic and old Celtic, refers to a ‘poet-singer’ or ‘minstrel’, a wanderer who never set roots, traveling from town to town, with his string instrument and his love of stories. People would gather around to hear him sing, he didn’t need a melodious voice, his words would leave people spellbound. His folktales and epics would become legends.

If there ever was a bard for our times, it would be Bob Dylan. Joan Baez referred to him as the original vagabond in

Bonded by trauma: A special episode of Sex Education

In the seventh episode of Sex Education season 2, Aimee, Maeve, and many of the characters come together over shared trauma.

Netflix’s Sex Education has been a raging hit across all demographics. The second season, which dropped on Jan. 17, 2020, more than upheld the promise of the first season.

Shows about teenagers are resplendent with glitz and glamour, with their perfect coifs and runway model outfits, not a zit in sight, and they have crazy lives and wild sex. Sex Education separates itse

BoJack Horseman season 6 recap: How the story ends for the main characters

We shared a recap of all the main characters’ arcs in BoJack Horseman. The final episodes premiered on Netflix in January 2020.

It’s difficult to place a show like Bojack Horseman; part screwball comedy with hijinks and shenanigans, part drama, poignant and sublime. It’s subtle yet on-the-nose, clever yet silly, you could spend weeks scouring every episode for easter eggs and still miss a few.

Netflix dropped the tail end of the last season of the show on Jan. 31, 2020, the beginning of the en

A Pedacito of Spain

We landed on Spanish soil and I was home. The generous splashes of color on every building façade, balcony, and alcove; the garlands of artificial flowers decorating every nook and cranny, the cobble-stoned pathways, it was like a rainbow had exploded over everything.

Unrestrained emotion was on display everywhere, the troubadours with their hearts on their sleeves and the painter selling his soul on paper. One street artist proposed to me right there and I was dumbstruck. “I would want someone

Movie Characters Who Died Unnecessarily Brutal Deaths

“Pain and Death are a part of life, to reject them is to reject life itself,” to quote Havelock Ellis, famous physician, writer, and progressive thinker. In a classic case of art imitating life, the big screen reflects the same pain and death back at us. Of course, not all movie deaths are created equal. Certain gruesome ends may seem justified when a character is evil or annoying, and our primitive lizard brain is rooting for karma and just desserts. Some characters are introduced just to be fodder and aren’t given much of a personality because we aren’t meant to invest in them (think, "the Black guy dying first trope" in every '90s horror movie.) And some movie deaths are just hilarious.

Whether it’s a convenient plot device ridding the story of a character that’s outlived its usefulness, deus ex machina style, or the writer/director just working through some stuff in their personal lives, these characters really did not deserve the treatment meted out to them.

Mad Men: D&D Moral Alignments Of The Main Characters

Mad Men was a period piece that capitalized on the good, the bad, and the ugly of a certain moment in advertising. With brilliant music and the Manhattan skyline as backdrops, how could they lose? Critics felt the ending was somewhat ambiguous, but most of the main characters’ arcs showed growth and redemption, coming to satisfying conclusions.

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For all our D&D peeps out there, we've got some un in store for you! For those who don

5 best Sister Monica Joan moments from Call The Midwife

We shared a list of five times Sister Monica Joan was the smartest woman in the room in Call The Midwife.

Call The Midwife is a wholesome show that leaves you with a warm, wonderful feeling. If you haven’t been watching Call The Midwife, you’re missing out on a truly heart-warming series.

The first season is set in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. Each subsequent season shows progression, and as the decades pass, we see the changes in fashion, hairstyles, politics, and music. In fact, it can be a

A Pedacito of Gilgit-Baltistan and its Delicious Food

The year was 2017. My best friend was planning a trip to Hunza & Skardu and asked me if I wanted to tag along. As a Pakistani who grew up in a moderately conservative household, it was a pretty big deal for me when my mom got on board with the plan. My first road trip with friends! The first of many to come.

Early morning on June 16th we set off in a friend’s four-wheel drive. There were five of us and one friend we planned to meet in Skardu.

Gilgit-Baltistan is an autonomous region of Pakista

I know that title is a bit of a cliche’ but it’s apt. Apt, I tell you!

All the streaming channels seem to have banded together in mutually assured destruction; each offering some exceptional shows amongst their sea of mediocrity. So, how many channels does one subscribe to?? Every answer is the wrong one because capitalism sucks! In a fit of FOMO rage, I scour Netflix for something interesting; it’s a hit or miss situation, there have been some real duds along the way, but it has taken me to sh

Campaign Watch

I lead a double life. By day I am a mild-mannered creative manager at an advertising agency, accommodating clients’ unfair demands (which is why, they pay me the middle to small bucks!), but by night, I am a voracious reader, a reservoir of useless pop culture, a connoisseur of eclectic music, a hippie at heart and a caped vigilante espousing various social justice causes. So, presented with the opportunity to offer my two cents’ worth on recent campaigns, I naturally chose those that had a mess

Chain of fools or tool for the wise?

“Chain, Chain, Chain... Chain Of Fools” is not only a brilliant Aretha Franklin song (RIP), some say it also aptly describes Blockchain advertising; something that may have plenty of potential, but in its current form, is more like building “Castles In The Sand” (a Jimi Hendrix gem... I am on fire today!)

Well, to those naysayers, I say: “oh ye of little faith; brace yourself for the revolution...”

It is still unknown whether Blockchain’s creator is a single person or a group of people; all we
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